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International Students’ Conference „Let’s Live Together, Let’s Live Sustainably” 16-19 October, 2007 Daugavpils University (LATVIA)

From October 16th -19th, 2007, the Institute of Sustainable Education at the Faculty of Education and Management of Daugavpils University will host an international students’ conference entitled “Let’s Live Together, Let’s Live Sustainably.” The conference is part of a broader effort to explore the understanding of sustainable education from regional (Europe and Central Asia) and national perspectives. The Conference will be held primarily in English.

Key Outcome: Publication for UN DESD
We intend to create a publication on the regional and national understanding of the sustainability principles found in the Earth Charter as well as sustainable education. This publication will contribute to UNESCO's Decade on Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) and will summarize the results of the conference, publicize research data collected from every participant country following the conference, and identify new research questions. The publication will highlight projects undertaken by participants as a result of attending the conference.

Aim of the Conference
To promote and make the fundamental principles of the Earth Charter and sustainable education accessible to students and young researchers

Main objectives of the conference

  • discuss the principles of Earth Charter;
  • discuss and choose research possibilities to study sustainable education in the participant countries;
  • form a regional network of national groups to study and apply the principles of Earth Charter in practice;
  • summarize the results of the conference and discuss the schedule for further cooperation.

To make the conference more effective, we kindly ask participants to:

  • Ÿbe familiar with Earth Charter before arriving;
  • reflect on your personal understanding of sustainability and sustainable education;
  • learn about the issues of sustainability and sustainable education in your country.

We invite young people from Europe and Central Asia, as well as students from Latvian higher education institutions to take part in the conference. It will offer an opportunity to make new acquaintances and be actively involved in discussing the urgent issues connected with sustainability. In addition to presentation and intensive working group session, the conference agenda will include various leisure time activities - cultural tours, evening parties, etc.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Daugavpils.