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List of Content of Proceedings


     Realising sustainable development through cultural and educational transformation?
Tony Shallcross

     Promoting sustainable development through whole school approaches: the story of an inter-cultural, intercontinental research and development project in sustainability education
Tony Shallcross

     About child’s roles to the teacher
Mare Müürsepp

     Current theories related to early childhood education and preschool as frames of reference for sustainable education
Ulla Härkönen

Teacher education in Norway: How to meet the challenge from the multicultural students?
Sidsel Germeten

A new approach to environmental science and ecological principles in the higher education
Gyula Lakatos, Ferenc Nyizsnyánszky and József Szabó

     Possibilities of defining spirituality in education: Qualitative review
Inga Belousa

The tendencies toward the sustainable development in non-formal education
Marite Kravale

     Biotism as a ground for the evocation of reflection in teacher education
Ilga Salite and Rudite Klepere

     The content of teachers’ notions of humanistic pedagogy
Andrejs Zagorskis and Larisa Silova

     University field practice websites in environmental education
Uladzimir Slabin

     Teachers' perspective on the integration of visually impaired children in the primary grades of general education schools
Vija Guseva

     Theoretical model of teacher education to use the computers in primary school
Ilga Salite and Elita Skrupska

The necessity of educational casuistry in teacher training
Monika Hilgenberg

Formation of musical culture for the next pre-school and elementary school teachers
Jelena Badjanova

Traditions and innovations in Estonian school music during the second half of the 20th century
Tiina Selke

Children’s play world in the family context
Aino Ugaste

     Management and consultation. Different ways of changing school
Detlev Lindau-Bank

     Six to sixteen years old pupils’ abstract thinking in visual art in art school in Latvia
Aivars Ikselis

Quality management in human services
Klaus-Dieter Scheer

The integrated social studies course for Daugavpils University primary school teacher education program in the context of sustainability
Valdis Kudiòš

The role of meme in a learning society
Aivars Lasmanis

     Process of the Competence Creation Training of Mathematics
Ilmars Kangro

General aspects of the constructivist teaching of natural science subjects
Jirí Škoda and Pavel Doulík

Preconcepts of the concepts from science education and possibilities of their quantitative diagnostics
Pavel Doulík and Jirí Škoda

     Cognitive strategies in developing business English competence
Vija Pleiksne-Gutane

Professional preparation of teachers - problems and possibilities. The Estonian case
Katrin Poom-Valickis, Ülle Saarits, Helle Sikka, Leida Talts and Marika Veisson


     Environmental education in the local media
Szabo Jozsef

Becoming European: The Importance of identity issues in teacher education
Vadims Murašovs

Learning to read at preschool - an opportunity for children
Pirkko Karvonen