In May, 2017, the student from Dugavpils Univerity, Faculty of Education and Management, Mārīte Vojevodska participated in a Erasmus+ project
Give Power and Help – Self-identity in Youth Work and Projects, which took place in Poland, Zakopane

The 18th International Conference of Baltic countries “Teaching Mathematics: Retrospectives and Perspectives” was held in Ŗiga, Latvia on 12-13 May 2017 and this year it was organized by the University of Latvia.

From April 24 – 28, 2017 the student of the professional Master’s program of the Faculty of Education and Management: “Education” Natalija Kotona and the teacher of art Viktorija Valujeva from the Art Science Institute who took part at in the intensive course in Copenhagen, Denmark that was organized by TEN network and the DU Center of Sustainable Education within the NORDPLUS programme.


The 15th BBCC/JTES conference in Riga 16-18

November, 2017

 First announcement
UNESCO Chair in DU and BBCC (Baltic and Black Sea Consortium in Educational Research), the Board of the International Virtual BBCC-ISE of (the Institute of Sustainable Education), UNESCO Chair in Toronto and the Network on Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability, and the UNESCO LNC (Latvian National Commission), in cooperation with the BSRESDN announce the 15th BBCC/JTES international conference “Sustainable Development. Culture. Education: Interplay of tradition and innovation for ESDthat will take place in Riga, Latvia, on November 16-18, 2017. 

On November 30, the presentation of collective monography “Research: theory and practice” was organized at the Riga Stradiņš University. Monography is published by the publishing house RaKa un it was created in collaboration of scholars from Latvia and abroad who joins the teaching at the universities and research work. The scientific editors of this monography are associated professor Kristīne Mārtinsone from the Riga Stradiņš University, professor of ISE DU Anita Pipere and researcher Daiga Kamerāde from the University of Salford (UK). The scientific editors are also the authors of the main chapters of this monography.

From October 20-23 assoc. prof. of Daugavpils UniversityDzintra Iliško has participated as a key not speaker at the international conference “ Religious Education between radicalism and Tolerance” at the Rumania Parliament The conference was organized by the Bucharest University and University of Viena.


From November 6-10, 2016, within the framework of the Erasmus+ project „Methods for ESD – competencies and curricula” (MetESD), Nr.2015-1-DE-02-KA202-002346 Daugavpils University’s associate professor Dzintra Iliško and Velga Akmene attended the project’s meting in the Neatherlands. The aim of the seminar was to demonstrate what ESD might look like in a vocational school or college.

During the seminar project participants discussed the process of integrating sustainability in the school’s curriculum. The session put the main emphases on a whole school approach in a vocational school setting.

Asoc. Prof Dzintra Ilisko took part at the the 1st Swedish International Global Action Programme on ESD Conference and the 9th Biennial Meeting of the International Network of Teacher Education Institutions associated with the UNESCO Chair on Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability, hosted by SWEDESD, Campus Gotland, in collaboration with Learning Teacher Network (LTN) and Swedish National Commission for UNESCO that took place from August 21 – 24, 2016 at Campus Gotland, Uppsala University, Sweden. There were participants from 40 different countries engaged in addressing sustainability issues via higher education and in their communities.

From August 18 - 21, 2016, Asoc. Prof. of the Center of Sustainable Education at Daugavpils University Dzintra Iliško participated at the BYLEC (Baltic Young Learners of English Corpus) project’s meeting that took place in Sweden, Visby.

University Educators for Sustainable Development (UE4SD)

Press release: UE4SD project closes with the launch of a unique professional training resource

September 30th, 2016

The University Educators for Sustainable Development project based on a partnership of higher education institutions for sustainable development across Europe is finishing at the end of September 2016. Over the last three years, UE4SD has achieved its aims through a range of activities and exchanges focused on the professional development of educators.

University Educators for Sustainable Development (UE4SD)

Press release: UE4SD Closing conference launched an Online Resource Platform for university educators

June 29th, 2016, University of Gibraltar

The Conference “Universities as Beacons of Change: Education for Sustainability lighting up pathways for a new world” was held on 27 – 28 June 2016 in the University of Gibraltar. This conference was a contribution to the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which have acknowledged that there is a need to improve support for university educators to re-orient teaching and learning for sustainable development. It was also a final meeting of the UE4SD project, funded by the European Commission, which has identified and documented a series of leading practices on professional development in ESD in Europe that can enlighten universities interested in rethinking the purpose of education and becoming beacons of social change. The Conference brought together over 100 delegates from across the world who discussed existing international and UN frameworks on ESD, the role of higher education institutions and specifically university educators in ESD processes, and on more practical level, possibilities of future networking and cooperation with each other. Topics such as professional development issues, possibilities for change, and pathways for quality and partnerships were discussed in three parallel sessions. 

On June 27 – 29, 2016, Asoc. Prof. Dzintra Iliško took part at the project’s meeting and at the Copernicus Alliance conference: “ Universities as Beacons of Change: Education for Sustainability lighting up pathways for a new world that took place at the University of Gibraltar, Gibraltar, UK



On May 27, 2016 within the framework of the international project ”Local Research and Education Hubs - key for sustainability education” (No.CBSSPSF/SC 042015/4) UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair in cooperation with the Faculty of Education an Management and the Center of Sustainable Education has organized a workshop.


The head of the UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair, professor Ilga Salīte and the associate professor from the Center of Sustainable Education Dzintra Iliško took part at organizing and participated in the 14th international Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability and Baltic and Black Sea Circle Consortium in educational research (BBCC) conference:

Within the framework of the international project “Homo Europeanus – Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit” (“ Homo Europeanus – pārvarot zināšanu deficītu ”) the project’s team organized Daugavpils University’s open day event “ Reducing ‘mistrust’ in EU policy makers (Interest about project)”. 

At Daugavpils University (DU) on 22nd of February, 2016 within the project “Homo Europeanus – Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit’ organised by UNESCO department, was hold a discussion ‘Refugees in European Union: Interpretation in different media resources”. In event participated the 1st year Master students of DU Faculty of Education and Management. At the beginning of the discussion the leading researcher of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Eridiana Olehnovica and researcher Ilona Fjodorova introduced participants with the aim, the objectives and the overall activities of the project, which are taking place in the European Union countries, as well was clarified the meaning and understanding in Latvia of such concepts as - a refugee, an asylum seeker, an alternative status and illegal immigrants. Further, students in groups analyzed articles on the refugee crisis published in different mass media and presented summarized experience of several countries, such as Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, France, etc., they summed up examples of good experience and urged everyone to think about global issues, which countries are facing in recent years.

 Within the framework of the international project: “Homo Europeanus – Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit”(“Homo Europeanus pārvarot zināšanu deficītu”) the projects’ team organized a discussion that took place on April 6, 2016, from 13:00 - 14:00, at Parādes street 1 - 416, entitled: “Reducing ‘mistrust’ in EU policy makers.”



DU UNESCO/UNITWIN Chair in cooperation with the Faculty of Education and Management and the Center of Sustainable Education has started implementing the 2nd stage of the international project „Local Research and Education Hubs- key for sustainability education” (No.CBSSPSF/SC 042015/4).


We are proud to announce the 14th international conference "Sustainable Development. Culture. Education" of JTEFS/BBCC, INTEI International Network of Teacher Education Institutions and UNESCO Chair on Reorientation of Teacher Education towards Sustainability.