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Education for Sustainable Development in Search for Positive Opportunities

On December 16-17, associate professor of the Institute of Sustainable Education (ISE) of Daugavpils University Inga Belousa and ISE researcher Ilona Mičule attended project management meeting and project planning seminar of Lifelong Learning Erasmus intensive programme “Education for Sustainable Development: Exploring Hopeful Pathways to Preferable Local and Global Futures” held in Istanbul (Turkey).


 The aim of the project is to integrate the spheres of education, social pedagogy, economics, human resource management and business by researching the examples of sustainable development in our lives and society on local and global levels.

Project is jointly implemented by a team of partners representing higher education institutions in 8 countries: Faculty of Education and Management of Daugavpils University (Latvia), Szent István University (Hungary), University of the West of England (UK), Porto University (Portugal), PIRAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad (Romania) and Karadeniz Black Sea Technical University (Turkey).

To implement this project, already for the second time the Faculty of Education and Management will organise a twelve-day intensive study programme for 40 students from all project partner institutions in Daugavpils University on June 9-24, 2011. During this intensive programme, evaluation of sustainability will be performed in governmental and non-governmental organisations and in the social environment; personal and professional narratives will be created. The methodology of the intensive programme is grounded in inquiry and problem-solving approach, which will be used to enhance students’ internal dialogue about their personal and professional influence on a local and global level, as well as encourage interpersonal dialogue among students, thus leading to discoveries of diverse perspectives on sustainability.

The previously implemented Lifelong Learning Erasmus intensive programme “Educational Contributions to Building Cohesion and Wellbeing in European Social and Institutional Life” has been recognised by the European Commission as one of the top five creative and innovative intensive programmes. For further information, please visit project website

This time, possibility to participate in the intensive programme will be open to bachelor, master and doctoral students of the Faculty of Education and Management, as well as to students of teacher education programmes implemented at other faculties of Daugavpils University. Application will begin in January 2011.

For more information, please contact:

Daugavpils University
Faculty of Education and Management
Institute of Sustainable Education Inga Belousa
e-mail: inga.belousa [at]

researcher Ilona Mičule
e-mail: ilona.micule [at]