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ISE represented at the forum of the global network of teacher education institutions in Canada

16-20 May 2012, York University, Toronto, Canada

During the fourth week of May, York University in Toronto played host to an international forum which already for the seventh time brought together delegates from the global network of teacher education institutions. This network is bound with strong ties to the UNESCO Chair on reorienting teacher education to address sustainability, established in the year 2000 at the university which now had the honour to become the venue for the seventh bi-annual meeting of network members.

Daugavpils University (DU) has always been represented at the forum ever since the network was established in the year 2000. The seventh meeting was attended by professor Ilga Salīte in a double capacity – that of a delegate from ISE and that of the president of Baltic and Black Sea Circle Consortium in Educational Research (BBCC). This consortium was founded in 2005 as a regional European sub-network within the global network at York University.

The participants of the international forum had a unique chance to glimpse into the history of BBCC, its current structure as well as future plans and perspectives. The audience learned that, since its establishment, BBCC has evolved into a holding network with five sub-networks: (1) network of host universities to the annual international conference “Sustainable Development. Culture. Education” of the ISE Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability and BBCC (the first decade of the conference was celebrated this May in Savonlinna, Finland), (2) peer-review network for publications from ISE and BBCC (3172 pages of scientific articles have been published thus far with contribution from authors and reviewers representing 45 countries), (3) collaborative ISE and BBCC researchers’ network for creation of sustainable education theory, (4) network for expertise and approbation of doctoral research from ISE and BBCC, and (5) collaborative network of bachelor and master students from ISE and BBCC.

DU doctoral student Eugeniusz Switala (Poland) also attended the global forum and was able to contribute a unique double-pivoted perspective from DU doctoral programme in pedagogy and the Polish educational milieu.

17 May 2012, York University, Toronto, Canada

DU professor Ilga Salīte and DU doctoral student in pedagogy Eugeniuszs Switala took part in a round table discussion organised by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The agenda featured the suggestions proposed by a group of experts in the year 2012 regarding competences for ESD. Learning for the future was highlighted and suggestions were proposed: (1) for policy makers to integrate ESD in all key policy documents and to support the creation of an educational environment (especially in formal education) which would be favourable for the development of ESD related competences, and (2) regarding educators’ basic competences that are required to bring ESD into educational practice.