Daugavpils University hosts a partners meeting of the Latvian-Lithuanian cross-border cooperation programme project eBig3

In the middle of June 2012 Daugavpils University had the pleasure to host a meeting of seven educational institutions from Latvia and Lithuania who for the second year running cooperate within the project "Synergetic approach with eLearning, TV and mobile technologies to promote new business developments", also known as eBig3. The project builds on three complementary, technologically-grounded ways of learning: (1) eLearning via computer and/or Internet, (2) tLearning via television and (3) mLearning via mobile devices. An integration of these three modes of learning in an innovative cross-media learning system will support already familiar Interned-based learning solutions.

Daugavpils University is represented in the project by the Institute of Sustainable Education. This project aims to create a network for cross-border research cooperation in technology enhanced learning and to develop a strategy for educational business promotion services. Key activities of the project include production of learning content, integration of multiple technical facilities to diversify and enhance the delivery of cross-media learning content, and piloting of the designed courses.

The seminar on 13-15 June 2012 welcomed project partners from Riga Technical University, Liepaja University, Latvia University of Agriculture, Daugavpils University, Kaunas University of Technology, Siauliai University and Utena Labour Market Training Centre. The attendees presented the heretofore created content and the eBig3 portal for its holding, discussed the piloting of eBig3 courses and planned further activities within the project.