The Institute of Sustainable Education continues to work at the Latvia-Lithuania cross-border cooperation programme (2007-2013) project „eBig3”

On October 3-4, 2012 the Institute of Sustainable Education (Daugavpils University) attended the partner seminar within the Latvia-Lithuania cross-border cooperation programme (2007-2013) project "Synergetic approach with eLearning, TV and mobile Technologies to promote new business developments - eBig3" which was held in Siauliai (Lithuania). The project is lead by Riga Technical University and it involves six universities from Latvia and Lithuania as well as a labour market training centre.

The project aims to create a network for cross-border research cooperation in technology enhanced learning and to develop a strategy for educational business promotion service. The work on the project solution includes integration of technical issues for cross-media learning content delivery, refinement of pedagogic considerations, development of shared understanding of target user learning contexts in border areas, production of learning content & organizing course pilots.

The seminar functioned as a meeting platform for the project partners from Riga Technical University, Liapāja University, Daugavpils University, Kaunas University of Technology, Siauliai University and Utena Labour Market Training Centre. During the meeting, the elaborated eBig3 portal was presented. In addition, the partners discussed the milestones reached within the project, reviewed the created and refined e-learning course content and T-content as well as planned the upcoming project activities.

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