Expansion of international cooperation: ISE visited by a group of Polish faculty

On 7 November 2012 Institute of Sustainable Education (ISE) welcomed a group of faculty from Siedlce University of Natural Science and Humanities in Poland, Siedlce. The Polish delegation was made up by representatives from the University's Institute of Pedagogy (Faculty of Humanities): Dr Ewa Brodacka-Adamowicz, Dr Alicja Antas, Dr Sergiy Nikitin and Dr Beata Trebicka-Postrzygacz.

The hosts shared the story of ISE - foundation of the Institute, creation and gradual expansion of BBCC network, establishment and eventual international recognition of the two Institute's journals (Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability and Discourse and Communication for Sustainable Education), inception and development of JTEFS/BBCC conference "Sustainable Development. Culture. Education", which in the course of 10 years has grown into a renowned platform for scientific debate and dissemination of research results and good practices in advancement of education for sustainable development. The Polish delegation were invited to attend the 11th JTEFS/BBCC conference which is to take place on 4-7 June 2012 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In addition, the visitors were keen to discuss opportunities for cooperation in researching the axiological and motivational aspects of the teacher's profession, notably, pre-service and in-service teachers' values orientations and the motivation behind their choosing teacher's profession.

It is to be hoped that the visit from the Polish faculty has laid a strong foundation for successful cooperation between ISE and Siedlce University of Natural Science and Humanities in the future.