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ISE towards sustainability in the Baltic Sea region

BBCC president professor Ilga Salīte and director of the Institute of Sustainable Education (ISE) associate professor Dzintra Iliško participated in the 3rd international conference "Baltic Sea Strategy: Regional Co-operation, Tourism and Cross-Sectoral Initiatives for Sustainable Development of the Baltic Region" held on 22-23 November in Riga, Latvia.

The event was organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Riga and Foundation for Environmental Education "Keep Latvia Tidy" with the financial support from Swedish Institute's Baltic Sea Unit. The conference brought together international and Latvian practitioners, researchers, policy makers, journalists and NGOs operating in the field of Baltic Sea Strategy, Sustainability, Economy and Regional Identity. The experts and participants shared innovative, practical and theoretical insights and lessons learned from around the Baltic Sea region. The region's priorities and the subsequent actions to be taken as well as potential involvement of participants in the process were discussed. Main issues on the agenda included:

  • Regional co-operation for saving the Baltic Sea;
  • Regional identity and traditions for promotion of Baltic Sea region;
  • Development of cultural and historical tourism around the Baltic Sea;
  • Availability of tourism infrastructure - Universal Design around the Baltic Sea;
  • Joint tourism projects for sustainable business development at the coast.

Keynote speeches were delivered by Dr. Elmar Römpczyk, consultant on sustainable development (Germany), Dieter Müller, Tourism for All (Sweden), Marina Poutanen, Baltic Sea Action Group (Finland), Karina Pētersone, Latvian Institute (Latvia), Hans Lepp, Swedish Institute (Sweden), and others.

Last but not least, the conference framework afforded an excellent opportunity for professor Ilga Salīte and associate professor Dzintra Iliško to discuss the agenda of the 11th international conference "Sustainable Development. Culture. Education" organized by Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability (JTEFS) ( and Baltic and Black sea Circle Consortium in educational research (BBCC) with the president of the upcoming conference Natalia Sesterneva (shesternevann[at]