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ISE project activity: eBig3 partners’ seminar in Kaunas (Lithuania)

On 25-27 November 2012 Kaunas Technological University hosted a partners' meeting in the project "Synergetic approach with eLearning, TV and mobile technologies to promote new business developments", shortly known as eBig3. Institute of Sustainable Education (ISE) implements this project jointly with Riga Technical University (lead partner), Liepaja University, Latvia University of Agriculture, Kaunas Technological University, Siauliai University and Utena Labour Market Training Centre. The project is funded by Latvian-Lithuanian cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013. It aims to promote technologically facilitated learning that would contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in the Latvia-Lithuania borderland. The unique input of the project is tapping into the complementarity of computer-assisted e-learning with TV and mobile communication technologies. Thus, the project suggests an innovative solution to the challenge of learner recruitment and subsequent retention which is often evident in high dropout rates in traditionally implemented e-learning courses.  

The seminar afforded a valuable opportunity for all project partners to review the work completed thus far and plan the steps to be negotiated for successful completion of the project in June 2013. The seminar agenda featured such issues as content development of e-learning courses and supplementary t-learning and m-learning content design. On 26 November the spotlight focused on the infrastructure for t-content transmission. Notably, Kaunas Technological University presented their unique approach and multimedia platform "Cobra TV". 27 November was the time for publicity and dissemination of eBig3 project achievements as a number of project delegates participated in an international e-learning conference held in Kaunas Technological University. The reports by project spokespersons recount eBig3 project idea, aims, approach, activities and intermediary outcomes. Discussion with e-learning researchers and practitioners in attendance yielded valuable insights for continued implementation of the project.