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8th International APNME conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

From June 26 - 30, 2013, DU doctoral student Eugeniusz Świtała took part at APNME 8th Annual International Conference that took place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The conference was aimed to: 

  • Increase understanding and knowledge of concepts and practices of moral, values, citizenship and character education, and their application and development in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Promote and to provide a forum for regional, national and local networking, collaboration and the exchange of ideas and perspectives in relation to moral education through interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue;
  • Disseminate research findings on moral education approaches, projects and practices in the Asia-Pacific; 
  • Stimulate thinking and cooperative action in relation to moral education and deepen and broaden horizons for moral education for the benefit of society in the years ahead;
  • Offer a full program of stimulating academic and cultural activities in the midst of one of the cultural capitals of Indonesia;
  • Allow participants to explore the practice of moral education in Indonesia and its context through a school visit and the opportunity for cultural activities.

The participants of the conference were teachers from the schools and early-childhood educators who care about fostering moral values, teacher-educators, who work with pre-service and in-service teachers and who appreciate the importance of moral values as a foundation for education, school counselors; as well as school administrators and policy-makers who recognize the importance of values as a foundation for education, both nationally and regionally; as well as the educators from international and non-governmental organizations and associations, who foster values in their work, in communities and individuals.

            This conference was not only relevant to teachers who are directly involved in moral education, either at school or university level. The conference provided a forum for all who care about the place and dissemination of values in education. 

The conference also encouraged cross - disciplinary engagement, across school subjects of science, humanities, social studies and the arts, and between those with different academic backgrounds.

The participation at the conference was financially aided by the European Social Fund through the project “Support for the implementation of doctoral studies at Daugavpils University.”