III invites Secondary School Students to Discussion about the Sustainable Life Style at Science School

On October 19, 2013 Institute of Sustainable Education has invited Master level students and Secondary school students from Daugavpils city and regional schools of Latgale to take part at Science school organized by Daugavpils University. The aim of the Science School is to provide secondary school students with the opportunity to learn more about science, University’s research environment and opportunities to continue their studies at Daugavpils University. This year high school students were provided space and the opportunity to discuss the sustainable lifestyle and their personal contribution to a common good of the Planet Earth. 

 Science school encourages interactions and conversations that educate and enriche lives of students.  The issues discussed at Science School include global challenges like climate change and biodiversity, social tensions and resource shortages.  Participants were invited to work towards adopting sustainable lifestyles.

Sustainable living is a highly discussed issue today. Many students have heard about sustainable living but are not sure exactly what it means. Sustainable living means living a lifestyle that uses as few resources as possible and cause the least amount of environmental damage for future generations. Science school involved secondary school students to discuss many different forms of sustainable living, since the concept can apply to almost every part of daily life. Sustainable living involves living as lightly on the planet Earth as possible. One who succeeds at living a sustainable lifestyle will use very few resources and will leave the environment for the future generations.