The guest lecturer N. Clough has finished his course of lectures about environment and sustainable education in the Faculty of Education and Management

Continuing the cooperation between Institute of sustainable Education (Daugavpils University) and the professor Nicolas Clough (University of the West of England) from May 16-18, 2014  the professor conducted the course of lectures for the 1st year students of professional master program “Education” within the course “Theoretical basis of the chosen pedagogy sub-branch: environment and sustainable education”.

N. Clough shared with his knowledge and experience realising projects connected with local environment and sustainable education and their global dimensions, for example, environment projects in Zimbabwe, activities of schools and communities, research in environment and sustainable education practice, different methods of data collection and analysis. During the discussions and group work students had possibilities to search for, find and evaluate relations among theoretical ideas, actions in education sphere and learning in order to develop more sustainable society.

The students were satisfied with this course of lectures:

“I’m satisfied, happy and proud about the possibility to meet such a knowledgeable, interesting and experienced person”. (Anita)

“Before Nick’s lectures I had never thought so deeply about sustainability and environment, about what we eat and how much waste we leave after ourselves (.....) in such way we cause global problems. I would like to thank Nick about very interesting tasks that made me think a lot (.....) I especially liked the task about artefacts” (Edgars) 

The students would also like to thank lecturers Dzintra Iliško and Ilona Mičule for their support as well as interpreters Santa Fenčenko, Jolanta Reča, Jeļena Antoņeviča and Jekaterina Solovjova.