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6th International Dialogical Self Conference Athens (Greece)

From September 29 to October 5, 2010, professor Anita Pipere from the Institute of Sustainable Education participated in the 6th International Dialogical Self Conference which took place in Athens, the capital of Greece. Already for the second time, A. Pipere was the only participant to represent Latvia and Daugavpils University with research pertaining to a new branch for the psychology in Latvia – the Theory of Dialogical Self. Whereas the study presented in Cambridge in 2008, analysed the Dialogical Self of the doctoral students of Daugavpils University; this time the international audience expressed their interest in a new study conducted with 128 master students from different study programmes of Daugavpils University entitled “Academic Motivation and Affective Organisation of Personal Meanings of Graduate Students”. An international symposium to be held in Boston in 2012 during the next Dialogical Self conference “Pushing the Boundaries of Constructivism: Collaborating across Theories, Applications, and Methods”, will be dedicated to a novel theme for the Dialogical Self Conference – the Dialogical Self theory in the context of education and A. Pipere has been invited to take part in this landmark event. A. Pipere represents Latvia also in the Dialogical Practice Network and writes for the electronic journal of network.