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ISE at 5th World Conference on Educational Sciences

During 5-8 February 2013, the Institute of Sustainable Education was represented at the 5th World Conference on Educational Sciences. The fifth edition of this landmark scientific forum was held in Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. Ever since its inception in 2009, the conference aims to bring together educational researchers, administrators, teachers and other experts as well as graduate students and NGO representatives to discuss pressing educational concerns and share their insights on ways to spearhead new developments in the field. 

Breadth of scope can be rightly considered a prime asset of this annual forum. The topics covered in the fifth edition comprise issues pertaining to all disciplines and branches of exact sciences and humanities at all levels of lifelong learning starting from preschool to university and adult education. Some of the major issues discussed include innovations in curriculum development and instructional practices; intricacies of educational management, planning and administration; challenges of assessing learning outcomes and evaluating the quality of education; fine-tuning of learning environments to support learners’ creativity; tailoring teacher training to respond to the learners’ changing needs in the 21st century; bridging technological advances and latest developments in education; exploring points of intersection between psychology and education; performing quality social work in educational settings; mapping issues such as human rights and democracy, environmental protection, and multiculturalism across the global educational landscape of the new millennium.  

ISE was represented at the conference by its director associate professor Dintra Iliško as well as by doctoral students Elga Drelinga, Jeļena Badjanova, Inga Gedžūne and Ginta Gedžūne. Participation at the conference afforded an excellent opportunity to disseminate the latest findings from investigations performed by ISE researchers to a global audience as well as to publish the fruits of their intellectual labour and thus render them available to worldwide academic readership.

The doctoral students’ participation at the conference was financially aided by the European Social Fund through the project “Support for the implementation of doctoral studies at Daugavpils University”, first and second stage.