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Science School at Daugavpils University opens its doors for young scientists from Schools of Daugavpils region

On November 8, 2014, within the frame of Science school activities organized by Daugavpils University, ISE in cooperation with The Career Support Centre has organized a workshop for school students about the opportunities of a teacher’s career choice. Institute of Sustainable Education has invited Master level students and Secondary school students from Daugavpils city and regional schools of Latgale to take part at Science school. The aim of the Science School is to provide secondary school students with the opportunity to learn more about science, University’s research environment and opportunities to continue their studies at Daugavpils University. Education at Daugavpils is a priority. This is an investment in the future of the society. There are 18 secondary educational institutions in Daugavpils; therefore Daugavpils is the city of students. The largest and oldest higher education is the Daugavpils University, which has also recently become a significant centre of science. University offers new opportunities for students and teachers each year.

This year the particular focus of a workshop of a Science school was on a career choice of a young person. A successful, happy individual will tell you that the importance of planning ones career path is to ensure that you will always have a roadmap to follow. Todays organizations cannot promise their employees lifetime careers. The employer can help one manage ones career and grow professionally by providing training, job progression and increasing responsibility. However, it is up to a young person himself/herself to actually plan ones career by deciding on ones own goals and the intermediate steps and jobs that one wants to take to achieve ones dreams. A young person is the only person who can truly understand the importance of planning his/her career path. The workshop will focus on a special mission of choosing teachers path.