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Celebration of a new book by Jelena Badjanova

On december 16, 2014 the Institute of Sustainable Education and the Faculty of Education and Management have celebrated a new book published by Jelena Badjanova ” Holistic approach to facilitating the acquisition of musical cultural values: primary education teachers’ views ” by the German national Library (Heinrich-Böcking-Str. 6-8, 66121, Saarbrücken, Germany. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2014-09-24).

The book is designed for the teachers, students and all who are interested in musical cultural values. The book addresses a topical issue – the essence of holistic approach in the content of education. The topicality of the study is supported by the growing tendency for UNESCO to draw public attention to cultural issues in relation of a need to preserve cultural legacy and national identity in the present day conditions of cultural diversity both in Europe and globally. Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia until 2030 concedes that, in response to global development tendencies and challenges, long term development priorities and solutions ought to be created with a view to ensuring effective and sustainable management of national, cultural, economic and social potential. Latvia boast long and rich traditions of aesthetical culture and art education. The author of the book presents theoretically and empirically grounded model that reflects the contribution of its structural components to fostering learners’ understanding about musical cultural values in primary school in the context of sustainable development. The model about the acquisition of musical cultural values is constructed around the principles of holistic education.